• MetaMask co-founder Dan Finlay discussed crypto’s biggest problem and what his company is doing to address it.
• The closure of Silicon Valley Bank caused investors to panic, resulting in large transactions as people sought stability.
• As a result, MetaMask saw an all-time high in users and swap fees, suggesting the crypto market is growing despite systemic dangers.

Crypto Market Growing Amid Systemic Dangers

The recent failure of two major banks sparked speculation and panic among investors, causing many to move their funds into more stable assets. In response to this increased demand for alternative investments, MetaMask co-founder Dan Finlay addressed the industry’s „biggest plague“ in an interview on The Scoop podcast with Frank Chaparro.

MetaMask Co-Founder Addresses Crypto’s Most Vexing Problem

According to Finlay, the main issue that consumers have with cryptocurrencies is not feeling comfortable owning them. He explains that MetaMask is working to remedy this problem by providing users with access to decentralized web3 applications through its wallet service.

Impact of Bank Closure on Crypto Markets

Circle reported $3.3 billion in reserves at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), which was shut down by state regulators on March 10th. This led many investors to worry about the value of their stablecoins decreasing, driving down prices for digital assets such as DAI which rely heavily on USDC for backing.

MetaMask Sees Surge in Business Following SVB Collapse

Despite these systemic dangers, Finlay believes this situation can be seen as “very positive” for the crypto market due to increased interest from consumers who are recognizing its potential even during times of upheaval. Last weekend saw an all-time high for MetaMask Swaps and the company earned approximately $1.5 million in swap fees due to it’s booming business since SVB’s collapse earlier this month.


The recent increase in demand for cryptocurrencies suggests that there may be a shift away from traditional banking systems towards digital assets due to perceived instability within financial markets around the world. Although there may be some systemic risks associated with cryptos, companies like Metamask are providing solutions that make ownership more accessible and secure than ever before